Our specialists

Founder and CEO

Subianto Windoro

As a serial entrepreneur, Subi Windoro spent 20 years in Silicon Valley, California, USA, working primarily in the semiconductor industry and co-founded Zeno Semiconductor, a memory process technology company. Mr. Windoro is also the founder and president of Sungai Hijau, a B2B2C hospitality firm, before moving to the data science space and started Akar Inti Data.


Ade Wahyu Ramadhani

Passion in data and software engineering. Ade has vast experiences in enterprise scale of multi multidisciplinary IT project development with more than 15 years experience in IT and academic industry. His core knowledge specialized in software engineering, software architecture and modeling, database design, cloud computing, Big Data technology and its advanced analytics.

We create and manage your secure data platform in the cloud to facilitate data exchange and analytics services per your business needs.